Innovative Dublin-based storytelling club for adults.


The Narrative Arts Club was founded in 2005 to bring innovative storytelling into the spotlight in the mainstream of Dublin's buzzing nightlife. 


The Narrative Arts Club is intended to develop the art of storytelling as a form of entertainment that can compete for audiences who might otherwise go to the cinema. Although storytelling has its own ways of working its magic, we believe that the same dedication to plot development and production values can be applied to recapture ground that storytelling has lost to the movies.


We see a pressing need for Irish and international storytellers to develop our skills in evoking a wide range of emotional responses. Some good tales evoke laughter, but others may evoke fear and compassion, just as a tragic theatre play might. Others may evoke a sense of suspense or wonder, and these may be every bit as entertaining as our comedic tales.


And we see a need to collaborate with other artists to bring innovation into our art form. Please see Collaboration for some ideas about innovative storytelling.


Current regular performers at our storytelling club in Dublin are Adam Wilson and club director Coilín "The" Oh-Aissieux. All acts for any given show are usually arranged in advance. We welcome skilled and dedicated tellers to perform with us, in line with our vision sketched out above. See Perform! for further information.


If you have not yet been to one of our shows, please see the Storytelling events page. And if you have, please leave a message in our Guest Book